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I was brought up as a child travelling around the world, my father was a diplomat, we traveled from Indonesia to Tanzania, Malaysia, Cuba, Uganda, Luxembourg, Mexico and Nigeria.  I moved fifty three times in my live. So that explains my passion for architecture, making a place feel like home. My big love has always been Africa. Travelling around this continent for the last decade and enjoying it so much, we decided to buy a house on Lamu. We renovated it completely and started living on Lamu island in 2020. As more and more people started to ask for help with their building projects, I decided to continue with Suzanne Holtz Studio but now based in Kenya. 

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Our mission is not to make a house but a home. It could be modern, Swahili style, with makuti or without, a villa, a classical mansion or a simple banda. As long as it feels home for you. With an eye for detail and carefully listening to your wishes and demands we will be able to make your dream home or your perfect holiday hide away. We can advise you on surveyors, contractors and furniture suppliers.

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We can design a new house or draw a renovation plan. We make floorpans, 3d sketches and visuals of our design. Any further assistance during or after the building proces is possible, we can help during the  construction with building management, or we can help you with refurbishing your house. Building or renovating in Kenya is challenging and great fun.  

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